“I Am Not Famous Anymore” Tour

Original Art & Poster Design


Erin Dorney is a writer based in Minnesota and Pennsylvania.

Erin Dorney’s debut, I Am Not Famous Anymore, is a collection of erasure poems sourced from media interviews with Shia LaBeouf published in Rolling Stone, Dazed, GQ, The Guardian, The New York Times, Playboy, and Cosmo Girl, among others.

This image of LaBeouf is composed from both his I Am Not Famous Anymore stunt and his “Just Do It” video. Because the collection isn’t centered only on one stunt, this is a way to visually represent the multiplicity in both his image and the book itself. The slime oozing from his detached parts represents the metaphysical transformation that Erin’s repurposing of his language achieves — as Hanif Abdurraqib explains, “In I Am Not Famous Anymore, Erin Dorney is both puzzle-maker and puzzle-solver, chipping away at Shia LaBeouf and making something newer, and more glistening.” I wanted to create an image that illustrates the erasure of his language and the newer, more glistening thing in its place.