“Nola Carveth Rewrites The Brood,” and “Girly Bruiser” in FreezeRay

“HB2” (series) in Cordella

“Jury Duty,” “Warning” in Nat. Brut

“Fruit Flies,” “Hungry Girls,” “The Mirror Breaks…” in Gesture

“Breaking Bad” and “Over” in Hot Metal Bridge

“The Mirror” in GRLHOOD

“Holidays,” “Shaving My Head,” “Hypo/er/criticism,” “Motherjob,” “Defiance” in Barzakh

“Rooted,” “Crisis” in Vector

“in heat” in Bone Bouquet

“Miscegenation,” “Peas” in PANK

“The Fly” in Storm Cellar

“fake engagement ring” in Collision

“i am not going out today” in Broad!

“Bitch,” “Between,” “Etc.” in Apercus Quarterly

“Another Brown Poem” in Collision